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Bill Williamson


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Sadie Adler


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John Marston


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Edgar Ross

Vice Chair

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Andrew Milton


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Abigail Marston


Bill Williamson | Clerk

Email: bwilliamson@nullgormseypc.comnull

Telephone: 01189 998819

Address: 22 Gorman Road, Gormsey

I have been a Councillor for over 5 years and it's been a privilege to help out the community in Gormsey. We hope to continue our great work by helping out such a fantastic community. 

Sadie Adler | Treasurer

Email: adler.sadie@nullgormsey.comnull

Telephone: 01189 998819

Address: The Ranch House, Gormsey

Sadie has lived in Gormsey for over 5 years having moved from London. She currently runs her own business in Gormsey and is passionate about helping her local community.

John Marston | Chair

Email: marston.john@nullgormseypc.comnull

Telephone: 07584 216594

Address: The Tower House, Gormsey

I've lived in Gormsey my whole life so Im passionate about the area. My proudest achievement was getting a brand new library approved, having a library in the local community is very important it gives the people of Gormsey a place where they can all learn.

Edgar Ross | Vice Chair

Email: Ross.edgar@nullgormseypc.comnull

Telephone: 07546 245867

Address: 41 The Grange, Gormsey

Having lived in the town for most of my life I want what all residents want, for Gormsey to stay the same friendly and caring place whilst growing and moving with the times. I felt I could benefit the community by serving as a councillor.

Andrew Milton | Councillor


Telephone: 07845 69596

Address: 34 Foundry St. Gormsey

Being a Councillor at Gormsey Parish Council is very rewarding being able to help the local community by listening to their needs is something I always try to deliver. We live in a great community so giving back to the people of Gormsey makes me very proud.

Abigail Marston | Councillor


Telephone: 07879 542285

Address: Front Farm, Gormsey

My main reason for being a Councillor is that I hope to make a difference. I always feel that wherever I live, I should be part of that community and should involve myself in all that happens there and be able to give something back.